The Honeycomb 2-in-1 Set

Let’s learn from the Honey Bee.  There’s a reason why the hexagon is the strongest, most efficient shape in nature!

Our “Honeycomb” roller is designed for deep tissue. ​Designed to relieve muscle soreness before, after, or even during workouts, the Honeycomb pattern penetrates to stretch the myofascial tissue, increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients, and to release trigger point restrictions, leaving you feeling loose and relaxed. At the same time, the Honeycomb bumps are designed such that discomfort from excessively sharp pressure is minimized – we’ve calculated exactly the right amount of pressure that should be applied per surface area for the most effective relief.

The kneading Honeycomb surface provides superior, FAST-ACTING relief like no other roller. You can feel the difference after just a couple of minutes rolling. With the removeable inner roller, you will have the option to use each roller by itself, or combine them for an extra firm Honeycomb surface with virtually no weight limit.

2-in-1 is really 3-in-1
#1 – Soft mini roller for warm-up
#2 – Hollow Honeycomb for trigger point massage
#3 – Mini roller inserted for extra firm, deep-tissue massage

Our customers love that the set is super light weight, which makes it perfect for travel – it easily fits in your luggage without adding weight. Its uniform design allows it to roll smoothly unlike other, non-uniform designs. Its hollow design helps to reduce waste and reduce its environmental impact, while enhancing its rigidity and firmness.

The rollers are made from 100% recyclable eco-friendly EVA foam to protect the environment. EVA foam is free of chlorides, heavy metals, phenols, latex and all toxics.

B01B2KBOSITo compliment the Honeycomb, we combined it with a smooth roller, which is constructed of medium-high density EVA. It is a relatively firm roller, but at the same time, it has a bit more give than the patterned roller.  It is perfect for areas like the neck, shoulders, and IT band. The smooth roller fits inside the hollow roller, allowing users to easily transport the set on the go.

Together, our foam roller set provides the perfect balance of deep tissue and gentle massage for targeting every part of the body!

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